This anti-cellulite cream from skin689® stimulates collagen synthesis in subcutaneous tissue through its exclusive, patented active ingredient CHacoll®, and is highly effective against cellulite within 4 to 12 weeks, while smoothing the skin .*

Cellulite Cream noticeably improves the appearance of cellulite in just a few weeks. The active ingredient CHacoll® promotes the growth of collagen fibers. The (subcutaneous) elastin fiber network beneath the skin is strengthened and fat cells suppressed, so the skin becomes firmer and tighter again.

CHacoll® – active ingredient patented by skin689®, used exclusively to eliminate cellulite

CHacoll® was discovered during a university research project and is now considered a revolution in the anti-cellulite market because it successfully stimulates collagen formation. The efficacy of a cosmeceutical in the fight against cellulite was demonstrated for the first time in two rigorous studies. skin689® has a patent on CHacoll® – this active ingredient is processed and distributed exclusively by us. In addition to efficacy, the product safety and tolerability of the cream was also proven in the studies.

How CHacoll® smoothes the skin and improves elasticity

CHacoll® penetrates deep into the skin and can be deposited in the stratum corneum (outermost layer of epidermis) due to its fat-soluble nature. This deposition stimulates the skin to synthesise its own collagen. At the same time, the total volume of fat cells (fat lobules) is greatly reduced. The studies demonstrated a reduction in fat lobule volumes of up to 58 percent within just twelve weeks, using macro photos of the epidermis. These two effects – formation of new collagen fibers and regression of fat lobules – are crucial in the fight against cellulite for two reasons:

  1. One the one hand, visible cellulite dimples are caused by loose connective tissue. When new collagen fibers are formed, connective tissue stabilizes over the long term – the skin becomes more elastic and firmer.
  2. Enlarged fat cells are also partly responsible for the unsightly appearance of cellulite, as they cause the collagen fiber network to lose its resistance to compression, or resilience. Unsightly dimples appear, resembling orange peel. This can be inhibited by reducing the fat cell surface area.

Anti-cellulite cream from skin689® brings about a visible change in the texture of cellulite: the dimples visibly shrink. Women with a history of suffering, often for many years, finally find the help they have been seeking for so long.

I have been searching for an effective cellulite treatment for myself and my clients for decades now. But nothing worked. Then I discovered skin689 – and I’m amazed. After just 2 months, the results are really impressive. Testing on myself has convinced me – my dimples have significantly improved!

(Julie Mackay, founder and managing director, The Beresford Clinic (UK))



Outstanding efficacy proven in clinical studies

Instructions for skin689® Anti-cellulite Cream

Anti-cellulite Cream is rapidly absorbed into the skin and can be used as a morning or evening lotion. Following initial application, Anti Cellulite Cream leaves the skin feeling silky soft and with a pleasant aroma. For optimal results, apply the cream sparingly to affected areas every day for six to ten weeks.

*Results may vary from person to person. This product will not generate the same results for every person and does not lead to weight loss.

skin689 relies on its own patented active ingredient which has a deep action on the texture of collagen fibers and fat cells. The outstanding efficacy has been measured in clinical studies and is confirmed by renowned dermatologists. Conventional creams, on the other hand, rely principally on caffeine, which merely has a temporary detoxifying effect.

Studies on users have shown that complexion improves continuously. Elasticity improved by up to 33% on average over 12 weeks and fat cells reduced by up to 58%. This dual-action mechanism on collagen fibers and fat cells tackles the causes of cellulite in a targeted and long-lasting manner.

Unlike with caffeine where the detoxifying effect is only temporary, skin texture improves through regular use over time. The natural aging process, which among other things, weakens connective tissue, is not stopped, but the clock is turned back, so to speak. Women who have used it report highly satisfactory results when applying it over 3 months once a year.

The cream has been put through numerous studies and tests – an in-vitro study to decipher the mechanism of action, 2 application studies (in-vivo, placebo-controlled), a safety study and, of course, skin tolerability testing.

Once opened, the cream has a shelf life of 12 months thanks to the high-quality airtight dispenser. For best results, we recommend regular daily use – so the long shelf life should only rarely be of value.

CHacoll is skin689’s own patented active ingredient, the result of medical research. CHacoll works in several stages to act deep down in the lower layers of the skin. This is where collagen synthesis is stimulated and fat cell volumes reduced. Through this dual action, the main causes of cellulite and sagging skin are tackled in a targeted and long-lasting manner. This impressive efficacy has been confirmed in robust in-vitro and in-vivo studies. This active ingredient is therefore perfect for targeted use to combat cellulite.

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