What our customers say

    Sandra Starnberg Wonderful products, incredible effect. The skin on the thighs, upper arms and decolleté has become noticeably firmer and smoother within a short period of time.
    Angelika, Schaan (Liechtenstein) I can only recommend the Cellulite Cream. Everything top: delivery, fragrance, consistency, quick absorption, instant soft skin and of course the effect in terms of dents. I documented it and after not even two bottles (two months) I had a result like day and night. I couldn't put on anything light (prints) before and now it works again. I am very satisfied.
    Britta, Winsen Great, effective products; very fast shipping. Again and again with pleasure; highly recommended.
    Nadine, Sarnen The cream is perfect. I haven't had it for long but the skin has already become firmer.
    Sabine, Berlin Again and again I like to order these unique products. The delivery is always fast, the goods unique - a great achievement!
    Olga, Latvia It is a MUST HAVE.
    Christel, Steinfurt This was already my 2nd order, the cellulite cream convinced even a skeptic like me fully.
    Caroline, Westerland I have been using the Anti-Cellulite Cream for four weeks now and the dents have really become less. It works!
    Anna-Barbara, Biel The anti-cellulite product is amazingly effective and quickly shows a visibly improved skin appearance. I'm thrilled!
    Concetta, Arlesheim Not my first order and always top delivery, top products. Great and effective product, fast and reliable delivery highly recommended.
    Ewelina, Gwatt The Best one. The scent is very pleasant, the texture is very pleasant, it absorbs quickly into the skin, leaves no "greasy film", surface of the skin looks smoother.
    Diana, Stansstad Super fast delivery. The product is great and I could really feel a firmer and finer skin after 4 weeks. Have ordered now for the second time.
    Sabine, Mollis I am enthusiastic about the product and the delivery is always very prompt and flawless. The customer service is 1A. Thank you very much
    Ulrike, Basel Fast delivery and perfect service. Great. Quality of the creams is very good. I'm satisfied, it does not make me 20 years younger, but the skin becomes nice and smooth.
    Cornelia, Hösbach I use skin689 anti-cellulite for a long time and I am very satisfied. Have already tried various other products without registering an improvement of the skin.
    Jacqueline, Montcherand I am very satisfied, makes soft skin and already after 3 weeks a little firmer :-)
    Lacrosse, La Tour-de-Peilz My daughter-in-law recommended the upper arms cream. I'm positively surprised. Been using it for about for about 3 months now - works great.
    Sue, Bern Great product, it works well for me ... leaves a very pleasant feeling on the skin after application ..
    Bianka, Köln Can only be recommended. I am older, but my skin looks smoother and more even with this product. I have already tried many products, but I think this is the best.
    Sandra, Herxheim I have ordered the cellulite cream for the third time and I really have the feeling that it works
    Marina, Eppelheim I've used many such products, but this one is clearly the best.
    Katrin, Leck I have already used several such products, but so far none was as good as skin689. I'm not the youngest anymore and therefore I do not expect great results, but I'm one of those people who take care of the skin throughout the year, not just in spring. For me it works!
    Viola, Pullach The product itself is sensational in its effect .... Highly recommended ..
    Hannah, Hamburg Sensational. Great product. Will definitely recommend it. Fast delivery.
    Christine, Zürich Great service and delivery. But of course I particularly like the skin689 products, which I have used regularly for over 2 years.
    Uli, Riehen Using this cream for a year now. Could not do without it. Love it.