What our customers say

Simone, Sarnen My skin appearance has improved significantly!

Renate, Hanau Can only be recommended.

Edith, Leinfelden The cellulite cream is sensational.

Aysel, Munich Fast delivery and the product really convinced me.

Katarina, Ingoldstadt Very good results. Top.

Ines, Bretzfeld I am super satisfied with the anti-cellulite cream, have already ordered for the 2nd time. Now I’m also trying out the cream for my arms.

Heidi, Waldkirch Ultra fast delivery, great products!

Annette, Stutensee Very effective!

Lioba, Sion I am very satisfied with all products from skin689 and hope that they will soon have a cream for the face against wrinkles.

Margitta, Witten Fast processing, fast shipping, good effect of the product.

Christine, Neckargemünd The cellulite cream really works.

Maria, Bocholt The décolleté and neck cream is just mega. Many small wrinkles are gone, really great cream. Would not have thought it.

Romina, Bern Very good cream.

Lilly, Waldkirch Keeps what it promises. The skin becomes more elastic and even. Fast delivery. Lasts a long time. Nothing to complain about.

Mechthild, Gladbeck Works!? – Fast delivery and the best: the Tummy and Hips cream works and does what it should.

Melanie, Bochum I am very satisfied. Fast delivery, great products!

Sandra, Turbenthal The first product that does what it promises. I have been using Decolletté and Neck and Upper Arms since February. Anti Cellulite since March and Tummy and Hips since 2 weeks. My arms, neck, décolleté have become much firmer, tighter, more defined and I dare to put on t-shirts with short sleeves again. I’m excited about my legs and hips, they already look better (I can only say more in a few weeks) Absolutely recommend this product!

Beate, Munich Pleasant consistency, easy application and visible results after only 4 weeks.

Marion, Böblingen The products are TOP – I am happy about them every day.

Monika, Cologne The décolleté cream is amazing! It irons away the wrinkles almost immediately;-) I am still working on the legs, but they look better already.

Anna, Bienne The product (anti-cellulite) is amazingly effective, pleasant to apply, with economical dispenser and smells good! The result with regular use makes the ladies happy…! The delivery is very prompt!

Christine, Raubling Great cosmetics that work!!! super fast shipping.

Uschy, Adlikon The products keep what they promise. I am very satisfied.

Monika, Cologne Décolleté like new! Legs not quite yet, but will 🙂

Madeleine, Liestal Super products, great company, customer service absolutely obliging. Fast, reliable delivery, I can only warmly recommend skin689.

Kathrin, Bad Urach Excellent and revolutionary products, very fast delivery. Thank you very much.

Renate, Hanau The Decolleté&Neck cream and also the face mask are ingenious. The delivery was very fast.

Dagmar, Vienna The delivery was very fast. Unfortunately, I did not see the goods at all, as they went directly to my daughter. But she raves not only about the quality but also about the packaging.

Colleen, Ebelsbach Very fast delivery and great product with effect.

Sabine, Plaue Mega!

Ingrid, Leimen Masks and creams are wonderfully light and cool. I am very satisfied with the products

Elisabeth, Georgsdorf The product keeps what it promises!

Claudia, Lindau Great products – I especially love the cream for the upper arms and the one against cellulite!

Angelika, Liechtenstein Everything super and absolute purchase recommendation. Best anti-cellulite product I’ve ever had and I’m over 40 and have tried quite a few.

Heidi, Bern I use the hyaluron mask once a week. It actually plumps up the skin….. The cellulite cream actually helped me. Upper arm cream highly recommended. Significant improvement in the legs and arms.

Andrea, Hamburg Great products, really deliver what they promise. I remain faithful in any case 🙂

Bianca, Zurich These are simply great products!

Marina, Munich Barely ordered, already delivered. You can’t beat the speed. The product is also super!

Barbara, Biel Not to be topped… !

Pamela, Hinwil Very good product! Really works, can definitely recommend it.

Nadja, Zug Super fast delivery and great product!!!

Margrit, Mettmenstetten The product more than meets the expectation. In addition, very prompt shipping.

Angela, Ötisheim Fast delivery. For questions about the products friendly and helpful answers. Sure, the products are expensive but also very good.

Petra, Passau Very good products. Fast delivery.

Margot, Freiburg Have only ordered the product for the upper arms. I have been using it for a few months now and am very satisfied with the results. I use it continuously also in the winter months and not only in the summer.

Sandra, Starnberg Wonderful product, incredible effect. The skin on my thighs, upper arms and décolleté has become noticeably firmer and smoother within a short time.

Angelika, Schaan I can only recommend the Cellulite Cream. Everything top: deliveries, scent, consistency, fast absorption, instant soft skin and of course the effect in terms of dimples. I documented it and after not quite two bottles (two months) I had a result like day and night. I could not put on anything light before (imprints) and now it works again. I am very satisfied.

Britta, Winsen Great, effective products; very fast shipping. Always happy to return; highly recommended.

Angelika, Munich Everything perfect. Great product. Really works!

Judith, Oftringen With regular use a TOP product.

Nadine, Sarnen The cream is perfect. I have not had the cream for long but the skin has already become firmer.

Beatrice, Walzbachtal Fast delivery, super product.

Olga, Latvia It is a MUST HAVE.

Barbara, Bretten The products are really very good!

Daniela, Ramshofen The product is very good. Order and delivery was easy and prompt.

Sue, Arisdorf The items are excellent, the customer service absolutely very Good!

Ulrike, Korschenbroich The products are just great. Have already bought for the second time . I am very satisfied with the effect.

Sabine, Berlin Again and again I like to order these unique products. The delivery is always fast, the goods unique, a great performance.

Kathrin, Weida Fast delivery…the creams are super I order again and again and again….

Christine, Leopoldshafen Very fast delivery. The item was well packaged and is absolutely top notch. I will definitely buy here again. Absolutely recommendable.

Christel, Steinfurt This was already my 2nd order, the cellulite cream has fully convinced even me skeptic.

Caroline, Westerland I have been using the anti-cellulite cream for four weeks now and the dents have actually become weaker. It works!

Heidi, Hägendorf I have now used the first bottle for the legs. I must say I am very satisfied it has already helped. My mistrust has been eliminated.

Pinkmellon testers are thrilled – with before/after pictures “I’m happy to admit it: I didn’t expect this cream to really help against cellulite, but it does.” Click here for the report

Martina, Neu-Isenburg Unique customer service. Every customer inquiry is answered immediately. The products are expensive, but worth the money.

Anna-Barbara, Biel The anti-cellulite product is amazingly effective and quickly shows a visibly improved skin appearance. I am thrilled!

Concetta, Arlesheim Is not my first order and every time top delivery, top product. Great and effective product, fast and reliable delivery Highly recommended.

Ewelina, Gwatt The Best One. Smell very pleasant, consistency very pleasant, absorbs quickly into the skin, does not leave a “greasy film”, surface of the skin looks smoother.

Diana, Stansstad Super fast delivery The product is great, could really feel tighter and finer skin after 4 weeks. Have now ordered for the 2nd time.

Sabine, Mollis I am thrilled with the product and the delivery is always very prompt and flawless. The customer service is 1a. Many thanks

Ulrike, Basel Fast delivery and nice service. Great. Quality of the creams very good. I am satisfied, it doesn’t make me 20 years younger but the skin becomes nice and smooth.

Cornelia, Hösbach I have been using skin689 Anti-Cellulite for a long time and am very satisfied. I have tried several other products without seeing any improvement in my skin.

Jacqueline, Montcherand Am very satisfied, makes skin soft and after 3 weeks already a little firmer

Lacrosse, La Tour-de-Peilz Recommended by my daughter-in-law the upper arm cream. I am positively surprised. Have been using it for about 3 months now – works great.

Sue, Bern Great product, I find it works…leaves skin feeling very comfortable after application.

Bianka, Cologne Can only recommend. I am older, but my skin looks smoother and more even with this product. I have tried many products but find this one the best.

Sandra, Herxheim I have now ordered the cellulite cream 3 times and I really feel that it works.

Marina, Eppelheim I have used many such products, but find this one clearly the best.

Katrin, Leck I have used several such products, but have not found any as good as skin689. However, I’m no longer the youngest and therefore don’t expect super results, but I’m one of those people who take care of themselves all year round, not just in spring.

Viola, Pullach The product itself is sensational in its effect…. Hard to recommend.

Hannah, Hamburg Sensational. Super product. Will definitely recommend it to others. Fast processing.

Christine, Zurich Super service and delivery. But of course I especially like the products from Skin689, which I have been using regularly for over 2 years.

Uli, Riehen Have been using this cream for a year. Could not do without, love it

Dagmar, Langwedel Fast delivery and the result is convincing. Stretch marks reduced and really flatter and firmer tummy. I really recommend this cream!

Claudia, Schweina Really visible results! I am convinced

Ines, Osnabrück I love the products from skin689. The creams are absorbed very quickly, leave the skin feeling good and best of all, you only need to use them once a day.

Sibylle, Mühlhausen Super body care, I am very satisfied. The skin is great cared for and much firmer! 👌

Doris, Oberenstringen Super service & brilliant products!

Ruth, Igualada Very good product, keeps its promise. Always prompt quick service.

Renate, Cologne The scent is very pleasant, the consistency light, absorbs quickly and is not greasy, so you can get dressed right away. I am convinced. My skin on my stomach and hips feels soft and firm. Great product. I’m sticking with it.

Maria, Stuttgart Very fast delivery, great product

Monika, Burgkichern Top products. Nourish the skin. Only to recommend.

Sonja, Etziken I was very pleased and surprised. I can recommend this product with a very clear conscience. Thank you very much.

Brigitte, Benzenschwil The products are very good. I have known the face mask for a long time, as my daughters have always given it to me. I finally ordered it myself and also discovered other products.

Natalie, Lenzburg Very fast delivery. Product quality very good (already ordered several times). Can fully recommend all products. The effect is immediately noticeable and visible.

Manuela, Wallisellen I have been using these products for some time and am very satisfied! The skin has improved for the better! Beautiful new website; clearly laid out. Ordered and received 2 days later. That’s top! Thank you very much DN

Katja, Bad Urach Finally several creams that keep their promises! I use the upper arm, cellulite and belly cream and love the effect, consistency and smell 🙂 my legs are already smoother, my upper arms firmer and my hips/belly area firmer and slimmer. The creams are super supportive in my preparation for the warm season! Thank you!

Eva, Frankfurt Very great and effective products, fast delivery.

Esther, Basel The products are excellent and delivery is always prompt!

Christa, Kallstadt Best products from my 60 years of experience. Fast delivery and very friendly people to talk to when I have questions.

Sabine, Katzelsdorf Fast and uncomplicated delivery! Great products that leave a very pleasant feeling on the skin and, after regular use, give a better complexion!

Renate, Hanau Fast processing, products are super and very productive.

Ines, Bretzfeld I have already ordered several times, mainly the anti-cellulite cream, and I am very satisfied.

Birgit, Diedorf The products keep their promise when used daily.

Heidi, Wilderswil As every time, super-fast delivery, well packaged and great products.

Sandra, Eiken The product is very good. It really works. I am very satisfied. I will order it again.