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The patented active ingredient CHacoll® supports the fibroblasts in the epidermis and dermis to synthesise more collagen. Thus the collagen fibers increase and the collagen fiber network is fortified. At the same time, the adipose tissue of the skin shrinks. Both lead to a remarkable improvement of the cellulite. First remarkable results are visible after four to six weeks with dramatic further improvements behind continued usage.









With CHacoll®, a reduction of the fat globules is already visible after four to six weeks and the appearance of the cellulite is significantly improved.

Proven effectiveness


Skin elasticity
The skin elasticity was determined with a cutometer and increased for all study participants. After four weeks on average 13%, after 12 weeks on average 22% – and up to 33%. With all participants, an improvement was measured after 4 weeks.*


Fat globules
A remarkable effect was observed in the ultrasonic measurement of the protuberant fat globules, which are responsible for the typical cellulite skin pattern: the area of ​​the fat globules decreased for all study participants. After four weeks, an average of 23% and after twelve weeks the decrease was even 44% on average – and up to 58%.

According to the independent research institute, such an anti-cellulite efficacy has not yet been observed in any competitor’s product.*

*) Results from in-vivo studies accroding to dermatologic-clinical criteria from independent institutes with objective efficacy measures; individual results may vary

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Skin elasticity

22% increase in skin elasticity after twelve weeks


Fat lobules

44% reduction in fat lobule surface after twelve weeks


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