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The cosmeceuticals of the skin689 care series combine functional cosmetics with proven effectiveness, as known from medicine and pharmacy - but without painful interventions and side effects: They not only influence the appearance of the skin, but also lead to a demonstrable strengthening of skin elasticity with simultaneous fat reduction. This result is due to the skin689 active ingredients, which we have developed with great care and effort together with scientists and doctors:

The proprietary patented active ingredient CHacoll from medical research specifically targets the main causes of cellulite and sagging skin - it promotes the formation of collagen fibers and reduces fat cells - for firmer, tighter skin.

ShapePerfect is the innovation for increased fat burning: white fat cells, which only store fat, are converted into brown fat cells, which also burn fat. In addition, the removal of excess fat deposits is promoted by improving subcutaneous blood flow.

PhytoCellTec is the world's first cosmetic active ingredient that protects dermal skin stem cells, improves tissue structure and thus delays skin aging.

DermCom stimulates keratinocytes to secrete growth factors, significantly improving the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin and strengthening connective tissue. DermCom is the world's first active ingredient with in-vivo evidence for new collagen and elastin formation.

The patented active ingredient complex CoAXEL combines the three active ingredients COA, L-carnitine and caffeine. They work together to break down excess fatty acids, increase collagen levels and tighten the skin.

Efficacy studies

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CHacoll – the patented, exclusive, highly effective active ingredient in cellulite cream

Our exclusive and patented skin689 ingredient CHacoll stimulates the formation of collagen fibres, strengthening the subcutaneous network which holds in fat cells for firm, toned skin.

The result

The surface of the skin appears smoother and its elasticity visibly improved.

Skin elasticity

22% improvement in skin elasticity after twelve weeks

Volumes of fat globules

44% reduction in fat globule volume after twelve weeks

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Clinically proven efficacy

– Prof. Dr. Sven Gohla, Zurich University

other ingredients

Hyaluronic acid provides intensive moisture and has moisture-binding properties. The skin becomes firmer and radiant. Hyaluronic acid can bind around 6,000 times its own weight in water, and so actively counteracts skin ageing.

Amino acid derivative which nourishes and moisturises skin.

A component of the energy molecule ATP. Stimulates cell metabolism. Skin is revitalised and looks younger.

Supports the effect of hyaluronic acid. Optimises water circulation through the skin layers and reduces water loss through the skin. Improves skin resistance.

Protect the skin from harmful environmental factors.

Panthenol improves skin hydration, protects skin and helps fight premature ageing. It stimulates lipisynthesis and so also improves skin elasticity. Panthenol also promotes the production of skin cells (fibroblasts and keratinocytes) and so is involved in collagen synthesis.

Vitamin A is crucial for skin renewal. It fights skin ageing and has a cell renewal action. So vitamin A has a regenerative effect and also supports collagen synthesis.

Vitamins C and E help firm the skin and give it a fresh appearance by supporting collagen synthesis. In addition, vitamins C and E are some of the best-known antioxidants. They protect the skin from free radicals and promote cell renewal.

Care substances

Almond oil nourishes the skin and keeps it supple. It also has decongestant and soothing effects. The anti-inflammatory and skin moisturising properties also have a positive impact on particularly dry skin.

Shea butter helps the elasticity of skin tissue and has a cell renewal effect. As shea butter is rapidly absorbed into the skin, it offers excellent protection and has a restorative, moisturising, soothing and regenerative effect. Together with jojoba oil, shea butter makes the skin supple and velvety soft.

Beeswax has a soothing, moisturising and anti-inflammatory effect, especially on dry and stressed skin. Skin becomes beautifully smooth and soft thanks to the protective properties of the beeswax.

Jojoba oil rapidly penetrates the skin to beautify the complexion. The result is velvety soft skin. Jojoba oil also has an anti-inflammatory effect and protects the skin with a natural, mild sun protection factor.

Apricot kernel oil nourishes the skin and makes it supple. It moisturises and thereby noticeably improves skin structure – skin becomes visibly smoother and more supple. Anti-inflammatory properties have a positive impact on all skin types, but especially on dry skin. Furthermore, damaged skin cells are repaired.

Antioxidant which moisturises the skin and improves skin elasticity.

Expert interviews

A structural, lasting improvement of cellulite! The skin becomes plumper and more elastic, the skin structure is improved.
We were a bit skeptical at the beginning. However, after about three to four weeks, our patients were already pleased with the initial results. The severity of cellulite has actually decreased, the skin becomes firmer.
Addresses the main causes of cellulite and sagging skin in a targeted and lasting way - for new tone by strengthening collagen fibers and more compact, even skin by breaking down fat cells.
I searched in vain for an effective treatment against cellulite - but nothing really worked. Then I discovered skin689 - and I am really thrilled! After only 2 months the results are impressive, the dimples have decreased significantly.

Expert interviews

A systemic, lasting improvement against cellulite! Skin becomes plumper and more elastic, its structure is improved.

We were a little sceptical to begin with. However, our patients were actually pleased with the initial results after about three to four weeks. The severity of the cellulite has actually decreased, the skin is becoming firmer.

Tackles the major causes of cellulite and sagging skin in a focused and lasting fashion - for new tone by strengthening collagen fibres and for more compact, smooth skin by reducing fat cells.

I searched in vain for an effective treatment against cellulite - but nothing really worked. Then I discovered skin689 - and I'm really impressed! After just 2 months, the results are impressive, the dimples have receded significantly.

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