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skin689-Cosmeceuticals for skin firming – the right cream for every part of the body

What makes skin689 stand out?

skin689 relies on its patented proprietary active ingredient with deep systemic action on collagen fibres and fat cells. The outstanding efficacy has been measured in clinical studies and confirmed by renowned dermatologists.

What was the outcome?

In a comprehensive application study, 70% of test subjects reported good improvement in cellulite by at least one of four grades. A significant improvement in skin elasticity (as much as +33%) and reduction in fat cells (as much as -58%) was also found in all cases.

How long do results last?

Unlike caffeine, where the detoxifying effect wears off quickly, here there is a systemic improvement in connective tissue and fat deposits with regular use. This usually lasts for several months following application, depending on individual circumstances.

Has our cream been clinically tested?

The cream has undergone numerous studies and tests – an in-vitro study to decipher the mechanism of action, two application studies (in-vivo placebo-controlled), a safety study and, of course, tests on skin tolerance.