Firm Skin
Upper Arms


With the new and advanced Firm Skin Upper Arms Emulsion, skin689® has perfect product that tightens the skin of your upper arms. With the help of CHacoll® as part of a unique combination of active ingredients, the emulsion specifically supports the formation of the collagen fiber network by stimulating energy metabolism and promoting the breakdown of fatty acids. The connective tissue is strengthened so that the skin looks fresh and vital again. At the same time, the so-called “Bingo Wings” are cosmetically tightened.


Upper arms tightening redefined

As an expert in effective cosmetic skin firming, skin689 has now brought the special care for the upper arms to a new level. By combining innovative active ingredients, the two main causes are now tackled twice for maximum effectiveness:

  • CHacoll® and DermCom® strengthen the connective tissue and collagen fibers
  • Compression and degradation of fat cells with CHacoll® and CoAXELTM


CHacoll® is the proprietary patented active ingredient of skin689 from medical research. It promotes the formation of the skin’s own collagen fibres and thus strengthens the subcutaneous network. Fat cells are retained, resulting in firmer and firmer skin.


Various clinical in-vivo studies have already confirmed the exceptional effectiveness of CHacoll® on resilience and fat volume. In a new in-vitro study, the dual mechanism of action on collagen fibers and fat cells has now been demonstrated in detail:

„The skin689 active ingredient stimulates lipolysis on the gene expression pattern in adult fat cells. In simple terms, CHacoll can stimulate the fat cells in the skin to metabolise fats more strongly, as well as the collagen biosynthesis“ Prof. Dr. Sven Gohla


This mechanism of action is thus perfectly suited for a targeted cosmetic tightening of the upper arms, and complements the other active ingredients synergistically for a deep structural action aimed at the causes of sagging skin:

  • DermCom® stimulates keratinocytes to secrete growth factors, significantly improving the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin and strengthening the connective tissue for firmer, more elastic skin. DermCom® is the world’s first active ingredient with in vivo detection of new collagen and elastin formation.
  • CoAXELTM is a patented combination of caffeine, coenzyme A and L-carnitine. It stimulates the energy metabolism, promotes the breakdown and removal of fatty acids and drains the tissue.
  • PhytoCellTecTM Argan stem cell extract tightens and firms the skin. Vitamins A and E additionally protect and renew cells. The skin aging is counteracted.

Application of Firm Skin for firm upper arms

Gently massage once a day.
Additional ingredients such as sweet almond oil soothes the skin, while shea butter and panthenol provide moisture and increase the skin elasticity.


Upper Arms