Firm Skin
Tummy and Hips


With the tummy and hips cream from skin689 you tighten your skin sustainably. The interaction of the company’s own patented active ingredient CHacoll® and ShapePerfect® promotes the reduction of excess fat and tightens the areas of the tummy and hips by strengthening the collagen fiber network. The outstanding effect has been proven in various studies.

Tighter “hip gold”

Since “hip gold” does not always increase our well-being, we have now also dedicated ourselves to this part of the body and developed a cream that has been proven to lead to increased fat burning on the stomach and hips. We want to help women feel good in their skin. It is not about ‘ideals’ and dress sizes, and we do not recommend exaggerated sports or diet programs – our products work even without accompanying measures.


The new power duo: CHacoll® & ShapePerfect®

Clinical studies show increased fat burning through the active ingredient ShapePerfect. It has now been demonstrated in-vitro that the metabolic conversion of white fat cells into brown fat cells is responsible for this. In contrast to white fat cells, brown fat cells can not only store excess fat, but also rapidly convert it into heat and energy. In addition, the removal of excess fat deposits is promoted by improving subcutaneous blood flow.



Dermatology scientist Prof. Dr. Gohla puts it this way:

“The intelligent synergy between CHacoll® and ShapePerfect allows the Tummy & Hips cream to intensively address the reduction of excess fat deposits and tighten the skin by tightening the collagen fiber network.”



The Tummy and Hips cream is quickly absorbed into the skin and can therefore be used in the morning or evening. For optimal results, apply the cream sparingly to the affected areas of the skin daily over a period of four to twelve weeks.


*Results may vary from person to person. The product does not achieve the same results in every person and does not lead to weight loss.


Study results

  • Various in-vivo studies have already confirmed the exceptional efficacy of CHacoll® on tone and fat volume. A new in-vitro study has now confirmed the dual mechanism of action on collagen fibers and fat cells. Chacoll stimulates adult fat cells, the so-called lipolysis on the gene expression pattern.
  • -4.1cm circumference of the abdomen and -3.4cm circumference of the waist after 8 weeks
  • -18.2% of dermis-hypodermis distance after 8 weeks – a measurement for structural smoothing of the skin
  • +354% local blood circulation compared to placebo one hour after application (without reddening of the skin)

Firm Skin Tummy and Hips