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Cellulite is the random distribution of enlarged fat cells in the connective tissue of the buttocks and thighs. Around 80 to 90% of women struggle with cellulite and are looking for an effective treatment.

What is clear to see on the surface of the skin in cellulite is the specific structure of the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Subcutaneous fatty tissue is a special form of connective tissue that develops when fatty tissue displaces normal connective tissue and infiltrates the epidermis. In cross-section, these infiltrations or fat globules appear as roundish blemishes in the skin layer, which otherwise appears even due to the dense collagen fibre network. Especially in women, this means there are relatively few collagen fibre bundles running parallel to the skin surface at the interface between the epidermis and the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The patented active complex CHacoll® in skin689® anti-cellulite cream significantly increases the number of collagen fibres.

*Cellulitis is ≠ cellulite.

*Why do men rarely or never get cellulite?

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The skin689® anti-cellulite cream with patented active complex CHacoll® stimulates the fibroblasts in the epidermis and dermis to synthesise more collagen. The collagen fibres multiply and the collagen fibre network is stabilised. It also causes the fatty tissue in the subcutis to recede. Both lead to a significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

As the anti-cellulite cream is absorbed rapidly into the skin, it can be used morning or evening. Even after the initial application, the Anti-Cellulite Cream leaves a silky soft feeling and a pleasant scent. For best results, the cream is applied daily to the affected skin areas over a period of six to ten weeks.

Yes, the efficacy has been confirmed in studies by independent dermatology institutes Dermatest and proDERM. The studies were critically reviewed by several scientists and doctors – and attested to a thorough study design which was carried out impeccably as well as outstanding results. In the Dermatest study, the cream was applied once a day over a period of twelve weeks. Efficacy and tolerability (skin elasticity, thigh circumference, width and height of raised fat globules) were assessed after four, eight and twelve weeks. During the observation period of twelve weeks, no skin complaints were reported and there was no evidence of pathological skin changes. No discontinuations were necessary and the cream was well tolerated. Skin elasticity Skin elasticity was measured using a cutometer and improved in 100% of subjects. By an average of 13% after four weeks and by an average of 22% after twelve weeks. Improvement was actually seen in 100% of users after just 4 weeks. Volume of fat globules An amazing effect was observed in the ultrasound measurement of the raised fatty lumps, which are responsible for the appearance typical of cellulite: the volume of fat globules reduced in 100% of test subjects. By an average of 23% after four weeks and by as much as 44% after twelve. You can find more studies here.

“Unfortunately, there are still hardly any controlled studies on the efficacy of the numerous preparations and other treatment methods on the market,” says dermatologist Tatjana Pavicic. So far, there have been more “eminence-based” than “evidence-based” statements on the effectiveness of anti-cellulite preparations. “Eminence-based is what we call those studies where a respected surgeon has simply made a claim; however, for well-founded claims, scientific study design using objective measurement is needed – ultrasound, for instance. “Furthermore, the studies would ideally have to be placebo-controlled, because simply massaging the skin does make a difference,” says Pavicic. “Furthermore, double-blind studies would be preferable, where neither the doctors nor the test subjects know which belong to the placebo arm and which to the experimental arm.” Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung “Cellulite – The new bubonic plague”

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Yes, the skin689® Bio-Cellulose Face Mask is suitable for women and men.

You can find more info here: Face mask

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