The four degrees of cellulite severity

In order to determine exactly how far cellulite has progressed, dermatologists and beauticians differentiate between four different degrees of severity:

Severity grade 0:

The surface of the skin shows no signs of mattress phenomenon around the buttocks or thighs, whether standing up or lying down. Wrinkles only form during the pinch test, but barely any dimples. (The term cellulite is not often used for severity grade 0, which is why only 3 levels are mentioned in many models.)

Severity grade 1:

Dimples typical of orange peel appear when the skin on your thighs is pinched. Otherwise, no orange peel skin is visible when standing up or lying down.

Severity grade 2:

Visible dimples start to appear clearly when standing up (spontaneously, even with no pinch test) but disappear again when lying down.

Severity grade 3:

Cellulite appears when standing up or lying down, even with no pinch test.

At what level of pain should you see a doctor?

Women with grade 2 or 3 occasionally report tenderness in the affected area. From a dermatological point of view however, this cannot be put down to cellulite, but points to other clinical pictures. Women who experience such symptoms should therefore see a doctor about the painful sensation.

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