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For us, the skin is the expression of everyone’s personality and individuality, and beautiful skin is an important aspect of quality of life.
skin689® is all about premium, active ingredient-based cosmetics made in Switzerland. Each skin689® product is developed specifically for the targeted area, aiming to enhance the skin’s appearance.


To ensure the efficacy of our products, we work closely with scientists, dermatological institutes and laboratories, beauty institutes in Switzerland and other cosmetics specialists.

As a small independent brand, we always strive to be close to our customers. We work with interdisciplinary teams with dermatologists, R&D- and packaging specialists, aiming to also implement your valuable feedback. This results in effective and innovative formulations made from proven active ingredients that meet the needs of our customers – efficacy, ease-of-use, sensory experience and of course product safety.
skin689’s combination of science with aesthetics in a dermatological approach is expressed in the company name. The numbers 6, 8 and 9 symbolise our scientific, fact-based approach while their symmetry brings to life our strive for aesthetics. Furthermore, the three numbers all have a positive meaning in the Asian culture.


The company

skin689® is all about highly effective, active ingredient-based cosmetics made in Switzerland. As a specialist for the correction of unwanted visible alterations of the skin, skin689 combines innovative, exclusive, tested and proven active ingredients against cellulite and contour loss. The Creme Anti-Cellulite is the bestseller of the young Swiss brand. Based on this success, the scientific team of skin689 has developed additional skin firming products for the neck and décolleté as well as for the upper arms.